JOB | Import Supervisor



1, Supervise daily report: Follow up the timeliness and accuracy of daily report update of import team.

2, Follow up the whole process of plan: Supervise the release of the three major plans of the day: inspection plan, release plan, and container drayage plan.

3, Cross-departmental communication and collaboration: according to the consignment plan, docking warehouse to follow up the container receiving and dispatching situation. In addition to the abnormal situation (such as warehouse burst, the objective reasons of the transporter, etc.).

4, Yard abnormal situation processing: understand the day release situation, timely response to the yard abnormal situation processing work.


1: At least 3-4 years working experience in Import and Export and managing teams.

2: Excellent english listening ,speaking ,reading and writing skills.

3: Good team work ability and good communication ability .

4: Ability to handle emergencies and be flexible.

5: No criminal record and have very good credit

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